Mid-Meeting Excursion


      The mid-meeting excursion will be carried out at the Jinyun Mountain Scenic Spot, which is located in the Northwest of SWU, about 25 minutes by bus. Jinyun Mountain covers 7600 ha. totally, with higher forest coverage rate (96.6%), and with an average elevation of 500 m, its highest peak reaches 953 m. Jinyun Mountain has a subtropical climate, with typical mild climate accompanied by abundant rainfall.

   Jingyun Mountain has beautiful scenery, and is rich in natural resources. It has over 1000 species of arthropods in records, including more than 200 species of Arachnids. Recently published new spider species such as Phrurolithus hamatus (Phrurolithidae), Phrurolithus zongxu (Phrurolithidae), Otacilia longituba (Phrurolithidae), Chrysilla acerosa (Salticidae), and Hahnia subcorticicola (Hahniidae) are all collected in area.