Chongqing is known as a city of gastronomy with a variety of delicacies. There are several local restaurants that serve delicious Chongqing food near SWUC, such as hot pot, fish cuisine, stew soup, halal food and so on.





 Hot pot, famous for its pungent taste, is regarded as the most popular Chongqing cuisine. Two-flavor hot pot including half pungent and half light taste is also an alternative choice if you are unaccustomed to chilies and spicy spices. You can boil fresh beef, pork and a great variety of mushrooms, tofu and vegetables in the hot pot and then eat them with special dipping sauce. Hurry to try it! 

 Chuanchuan, widely known only in Sichuan and Chongqing, is a variety of hot pot with similar spicy soup and dipping sauce. The difference is that the food materials are skewered in front of slender bamboo sticks and you can boil readily by the bamboo sticks rather than chopsticks. 





 Chongqing, located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, has a great abundance of fish resources to develop a long tradition of fish cuisine. You have many different choices on the menu if you prefer eating fish.






        Stew soup is enjoyed by Chongqing natives to against the damp climate. Nutritive fresh food like duck, rabbit, pork and beef are stewed with vegetables in the boiling tasty soup. All the nutrients from meet, mushroom and vegetables are condensed in the stew soup. 







We also recommended you some halal restaurants if you have religious taboo. Big plate chicken, also named “Dapanji”, is one of the most famous Uyghur food and widely praised in China. Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles is also a popular Halal delicacy with its mellow taste. Kanjian xinjiang theme Restaurant synthesizes many halal food such as roasted mutton, crusty pancake "Nang", specially-made yogurt and cold rice noodles. We have listed some halal restaurants below for reference.

        Halal food has the following marks on the pictures.